How to setup your Retailer profile on FMN

After you have received confirmation that you have been approved, go to and log in with the details you supplied.

Once logged in, it will look like this:


If you click on “retailer account” underneath “my account”, you will see this:


Now you can start compiling your profile by clicking on “Account Details”:

Scroll down until you see the following buttons:

“View Your Store” will display your store which is what prospective clients will see.  If you’ve just registered, it will only show what you submitted during registration.


“Store Settings”

You can ignore the “Paypal” part as it is not relevant to FMN, but integrated into the program we used to setup FMN.



“Add New Product”

This allows you to add your products.  It is based on Woocommerce for WordPress.  They have help files to assist in loading your products:

Adding and Managing Products


See below screenshots from a dummy product we added.  The top is the full (long description).

Lower down is the short description:

An important aspect is to use the Categories that’s already loaded.   Please tick the applicable categories.  If you are not truthful, your product will be removed.

Please also make sure you use the direct link to the actual product on your website (or photo on your Facebook page if you do not have a website).  Using the direct link will take a client directly to your website, to the product they wish to buy.

Choosing the correct categories is what will help a prospective customer find exactly what they are looking for.

If you can’t find a category to group your product to, remember you can use the tags.

Please don’t forget to view the help files on Woocommerce to help you load your products.

Adding  Product Images (bottom right hand side of your screen) is also important (see help files at previous line to help you if you get stuck).

Once you have added all the relevant information for your product, you can click on the “submit for review” button.


The “Status” will change from “Draft” to “Pending review”.   You can add more products.  SACNU admins will approve the products.  Please be patient in the beginning as all the retailers will need to do this so there might be a delay.

Once your product has been approved, you will see it listed in your store.  Example: