Mini Softshell Fleece Waterproof Cover (Grey)


Mini Matters MINI Softshell Waterproof Covers with silky soft elastic casings. Designed for use with our Newborn Fitted Nappies or Flats. Adjustable to fit up to approximately 8kg (Newborn/Petite fit).

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Mini Matters MINI Softshell Fleece Waterproof Covers are designed to fit babies up to approximately 8kg in size. The covers are a good option for nighttime use as they offer breath-ability and silky soft elastics. They have been designed to be used with our Newborn Fitted Nappies. They also work well over flats.

Our Softshell Fleece Waterproof Covers offer the following features;

  • Adjustable – Newborn to petite fit
  • Silky soft, brushed leg elastic casings that won’t chafe or irritate baby’s skin
  • Double row snaps to adjust to your baby’s unique build
  • Soft, fleecey inner with a hidden breathable waterproof film, giving you the softness and breath-ability of a fleece cover but with full waterproof protection.

Mini Matters specializes in all things eco friendly. We believe in supporting our local South African market and therefore all our nappies are locally designed and made, ethically produced and only the best quality.

We also supply speciality fabrics for sewing your own nappies, re-usable feminine products and vegan skincare and laundry products.