Potty Training Pants: Mother Nature


Our unisex Toddler Potty Training Pants come in two sizes: 2-3 years and 3-4 years in fun colours and patterns.

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Description: Toddler potty training pants are useful in assisting toddlers to learn bladder control (by experiencing the sensation of feeling wet). They do not replace a nappy in absorbency but are useful in preventing “little accidents”. This is especially useful during play school hours or when out and about.

Big Boy or Girl! Bridging the gap from nappy to pants:  The trainers pull up and down and look like ordinary underwear but with an absorbent saddle made from our bamboo toweling plus a breathable waterproof layer between 2 layers of soft cotton fabric.

User Tip: You can either use the potty training pants as they are without a liner or if you prefer, use our fleece nappy liner of bio liner inside. Line the inside of a potty to easily clean up the mess! Another option is to add a bamboo insert (cloth nappy page) to add absorbency is used at night.

Washing instructions: Cool or warm wash in a washing machine or by hand. Line dry only to preserve the waterproof saddle.

Great for babies, great for nature.

Mother Nature Products are proud manufacturers of great green baby products in Cape Town, South Africa. Our user-friendly Nature Nappy System spares the planet, saves money and is chemical free.

Mission To produce natural products which are chemical/ synthetic free and prevent waste on landfills. Our products are primarily produced locally to create jobs & reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and made with recyclable materials to minimize the environmental impact through manufacture, packaging, distribution, use and disposal.