Pokkelokkie Prefolds


Plain and winged hemp prefolds, small to extra large.

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Prefolds are plain (the rectangle ones with no wing tabs) or winged (they have cut out wings). Need a snappi to fasten.

How to put on a prefold.

Elasticated NB: birth – 4/5kg – R160
Elasticated Small: 4/5kg – 7kg – R170
Plain Medium: 6/7kg – 9kg – R140
Plain Large: 8/9kg – 13kg – R160
Plain XL: 12/13kg+ – R180
Winged Medium: 6/7kg – 9kg – R165
Winged Large: 8/9kg – 13kg – R180
Winged XL: 12/13kg+ – R185

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