Night Solutions Nappy Pack: The Nature Nappy: Mother Nature


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4 Nature Nappies

2 Night Fleece Nappy Covers

1 Set (2’s) bamboo inserts (for ultra absorbency)

1 set bamboo booster pads (6’s)

1 set stay-dry fleece nappy liners (5’s)

1 pack biodegradable and flushable nappy liners (100)

FREE: 1 netted laundry bag, FREE DELIVERY NATIONWIDE

*NB:  when ordering any of the set packs you will need to state under comments at check-out which colour nappies, inserts, boosters, fleece liners and covers you want us to pack as well as the quantities of each colour!

(e.g. 2 beige, 2 white medium size covers with white nappies etc).

Our Night solutions nappy pack contains everything you need for an absorbent and highly breathable night nappy system.The inserts and booster pads allow you to add absorbency  to the nature nappy as required. The fleece covers allow for air to circulate in the nappy overnight thus reducing the incidence of redness or nappy rash. Fleece nappy liners keep baby’s bottom off the wet nappy. We recommend you check if baby is dry before you go to sleep or between feeds and again first thing in the morning.

Great for babies, great for nature.

Mother Nature Products are proud manufacturers of great green baby products in Cape Town, South Africa. Our user-friendly Nature Nappy System spares the planet, saves money and is chemical free.

Mission To produce natural products which are chemical/ synthetic free and prevent waste on landfills. Our products are primarily produced locally to create jobs & reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and made with recyclable materials to minimize the environmental impact through manufacture, packaging, distribution, use and disposal.