Newborn variety full time pack


Variety full time pack consists of 24 changes in total at a discounted price. This is enough nappies to cloth diaper your baby full time if washing every day. See product description below for more details.

Optional add-ons (to be puchased separately):

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The newborn variety full time pack consists of a total of 24 changes. This is enough to cloth diaper your baby full time if washing every day. If you want to wash less frequently, you can add 6-12 more flats/fitteds and about 3-4 more PUL covers.

The newborn variety pack contains the following:

  • 12x newborn slim cotton flats (minty)
  • 12x newborn fitted nappies
  • 5 x MINI PUL covers (In plain colours of your choice)
  • 3 x MINI Softshell covers
  • 6 x newborn cotton boosters
  • 1 x Mini Matters Probiotic Laundry Liquid 250ml

Mini Matters specializes in all things eco friendly. We believe in supporting our local South African market and therefore all our nappies are locally designed and made, ethically produced and only the best quality.

We also supply speciality fabrics for sewing your own nappies, re-usable feminine products and vegan skincare and laundry products.