Newborn Nappy Rental Set for Boys

Expecting A Little Man?

Here’s everything you need to keep your little guy happy and handsome! Our boy’s set consists of a range of flats, prefolds, covers, fitted and pocket nappies, and all-in-ones.  We also include cloth wipes, a wet bag, fleece liners and snappis. This pack has all the essentials for you to try.

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Tiny Toosh Nappy Rentals strives to supply you with all you need to use cloth nappies for your newborn in those first few weeks.  This includes a variety of types of nappies (flats, prefolds, fitteds, covers, pockets and all-in-ones); and brands, including local companies, WAHM nappies and premium international brand names.  Each set also includes hemp boosters, fleece liners, snappis, cloth wipes and a wet bag. All this will mean you have to wash every 2-3 days.

Tiny Toosh rentals cost R165 a week.  We ask for a deposit, and each week the cost of the rental is deducted from this deposit.  There is no set end date to the rental, and you can decide how long you would like to keep the set for, but most rentals last about 6-8 weeks.  The amount leftover from your deposit will be paid back to you after the nappies have been received back in good condition. We can courier the sets anywhere in SA but courier charges are extra.