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A family favourite: our popular fitted cloth nappy available in bamboo (white or stone colour), hemp (un-bleached), new – cotton knit fleece (patterns).

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Description The Nature Nappy is a fitted nappy which is adjustable. This is our original 100% natural bamboo-cotton toweling cloth nappy. We have added a nature nappy made from hemp fabric. Our design is a one size cloth nappy design that adjusts to fit from birth to potty training and any size in-between!  Elasticized waist & legs gives this nappy a snug & leak-proof fit.  Shaped to create an un-bulky nappy which keeps the “messy bits” where they belong. Plastic studs are used to fasten the nappy. These snap on easily and are very strong and durable.

Separate Nappy and Cover design:  Either a rainbow nappy cover or night fleece cover is worn over the nappy to keep baby dry.

User Tip: On hot days, use the nature nappy without a cover at home to create a more airy nappy area.

Flexible:  use a booster pad for extra absorbency for example at night. For very heavy wetters add a bamboo or hemp insert.

Easy Use:  Get your money’s worth from our versatile nappy which adjusts by folding the front panel down & tucking the inner panel under itself therefore reducing the crotch to create a smaller nappy. For older babies don’t fold anything down.

Size:  one size fits all from birth to potty training

Hemp or Bamboo? Our tester’s results: In comparing the two fabrics, our testers find the bamboo toweling more absorbent and softer over time but liked the new slim fit of the hemp inserts – especially suitable for those with slim babies, light wetters and new-borns.

The Mother Nature secret to success:

Bamboo has many traits that make it better than synthetic fabrics, it is cheaper than silk and cashmere but it has the same comfortable luxurious feel and the ability to drape as they do. Bamboo fabric is very durable, very absorbent and easy to care for. It can be laundered and is biodegradable and the bamboo plant which is a grass and not a tree is one of the planets’ most sustainable resources. Bamboo plantations are great for REDUCING green house gasses. The processing of bamboo into a soft substance that can be combed out and made into yarn is done with the use of natural enzymes.

Hemp is grown without crop spraying; unlike most cotton, which wrecks havoc to the environment. It has a similar finish to cotton but is generally considered more absorbent. Hemp is a highly durable fabric and like bamboo has natural antibacterial properties.

Great for babies, great for nature.

Mother Nature Products are proud manufacturers of great green baby products in Cape Town, South Africa. Our user-friendly Nature Nappy System spares the planet, saves money and is chemical free.

Mission To produce natural products which are chemical/ synthetic free and prevent waste on landfills. Our products are primarily produced locally to create jobs & reduce our carbon footprint. We strive to make our green products durable, repairable, energy efficient and made with recyclable materials to minimize the environmental impact through manufacture, packaging, distribution, use and disposal.