Classic Fitted Nappy (Pack of three)


Mini Matters Fitted Night Nappy. Super soft, adjustable and easy to use.

This nappy needs to be worn with a waterproof cover and requires a Snappi for fastening.

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Mini Matters Fitted Night Nappy is a one-size-fits-most nighttime solution. Suitable for babies approximately 5-15kgs.

Our new improved design features the following;

Quicker drying times with more absorbency
100% soft and durable cotton fleece layers
Adjustable inserts to achieve the best absorbancy for your baby
Gentle elastics
A fluffy cotton terry outer – for an easy and secure Snappi grip
A simple, durable and easy solution that works!
100% locally made – from design, to fabric and manufacture
Great adjustability with the option of a fold over rise
These nappies need to be worn with a waterproof cover, Mini Matters Waterproof Covers and MINI Waterproof Covers come in a variety of prints.

Caring for your nappies


Nappies can be washed by hand or by machine. No need to soak nappies. Simply shake off excess solids into the toilet and leave them in your dry bucket until wash day. The most effective washing routine includes:

Rinse cycle
Wash on 30 to 40 degrees (a cold wash works just as well) using detergent of your choice
Rinse again.
You might need to do an additional rinse if there is still some detergent or soap in the water. Fabric softener should never be used when washing your nappies. Line dry or tumble dry on a low heat.

Bum Cream

Avoid using bum creams, barrier creams or petroleum jellies. These affect the absorbency of your nappy and can cause buildĀ­-up on the fibres. We advise using coconut oil or a cloth friendly product if you feel the need to use something.

Mini Matters specializes in all things eco friendly. We believe in supporting our local South African market and therefore all our nappies are locally designed and made, ethically produced and only the best quality.

We also supply speciality fabrics for sewing your own nappies, re-usable feminine products and vegan skincare and laundry products.