EssentialDreamz Night Nappy – Medium Wetter


The night nappy that is affordable and effective.

The basic version for light wetters will start at R400
Then regular Wetters from R460
And heavy wetters from R560

It will come standard with a cotton fleece inner layer or opt for AWJ

Cotton Fleece inserts topped with AWJ,Minky or HOBV

Light wetter 1 petal set joined. (8layers inserts)

Medium wetter comes with 1 petal set joined. An extra back insert and a Tbooster (2layer)
(Total 14 layers inserts)

Heavy wetter comes with 1 petal set joined 1 extra back insert a booster and a Tbooster (4layer) (19 layers inserts)

There are upgrades available OBV inners, CV, OBV or HOBV insert tops.
Designer snaps etc.

TBoosters come with double sided snaps now so you can move it to the back or turn your inserts around etc. maximum adjustments to suit your individual needs.

Made to order, so please allow for turn around time.

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