Doekies en Broekies Fleece Pocket Night Nappy


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Doekies & Broekies Fleece Pocket Night Nappy

The Doekies & Broekies Fleece Pocket Night Nappy consists of a double layer polar fleece cover with a polar fleece pocket lining sewn in with one opening in the lining. It comes with two four layered hemp/cotton fleece inserts and one T-shaped cotton fleece insert. Hemp/cotton fleece inserts are stuffed into the pocket.

Night nappies need to be rinsed as soon as possible once removed, preferably in warm water, to make sure all urine is rinsed out to prevent ammonia build up and stink issues.

This nappy is perfect for light to medium wetters as is, heavier wetters will need additional inserts. If you have a forceful wetter you can add a microfiber insert closest to the bum below the fleece lining.

You can use anything to stuff this pocket night nappy – flats, pocket inserts, receiving blankets – whatever you have.

Medium fits 5kg to 9kg
OSFM – 6kg to 16kg

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