BLOM baba 750ml Floral Fragrance


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BLOM Baba is like no other detergent. The new technology allows to prolong vitality and activity of probiotic bacteria- which clean your laundry effectively without the need for harsh chemicals. BLOM Baba prevents unpleasant odours in the washing machine, enriches natural microflora on fabrics and skin, which provides additional protection from multiplication of pathogenic bacteria. AND it’s good for the environment.

Suitable for the whole family, does not cause allergies or irritate skin. Suitable for all kinds of fabrics (incl. silk and wool), effectively removes stains and naturally softens the fabric – no need for additional softeners. Can be used in houses with biologic waste management systems.

Each 750ml is enough to was 180kg of laundry.  One bottle last 30-50 washes depending on load size. For optimal results wash in 30 degree water & an additional rinse cycle is advised.

Washing in water temperatures exceeding 40 degrees and using any anti-bacterial agents like dettol or bleach will render the detergent ineffective as it will kill off the probiotics.