BiddyKins Starter Kit

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A starter kit of BiddyKins Pocket Nappies – voted SA’s favourite pockets on SACNU for 5 years on a row !

5 BiddyKins OSFM Pocket Nappies (1xGrey,1xRed,1xGreen,1xLight Blue, 1xAqua)
Insert options:
5x Microfiber Inserts, or 5x Microfiber and 5 Bamboo blend inserts, or 5 Bamboo inserts and 5 hemp inserts
1x Roll of Disposable Bamboo Liners
1x Grey Wet Bag (2 zipped compartments)
1x Sample Bum Balm
Wash & Care Instructions

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This BiddyKins 5 nappy starter kit may be just what you need to get you started on your cloth nappy journey.

Includes 5 daytime nappies, a wet bag for storing clean/dirty nappies when you’re out, a roll of disposable liners and sample bum balm.
The most important aspect to understand about cloth nappies is absorbency and specifically knowing which inserts to use with the nappy shell. This kit includes the option to choose your insert combination: one microfiber only, or one microfber AND one bamboo insert for each nappy (both are used together inside the pocket of the nappy), or one bamboo insert AND one hemp insert. Note that older babies or heavier wetting babies will require additional or alternate inserts (eg Hemp or Cotton-bamboo). More info will be found on the our product page.

What’s in this OSFM (One Size Fits Most) bundle:
5x BiddyKins plain colour, size adjustable, pocket nappy shells – the nappies will fit from around 4½ kg’s – or as soon as the leg elastics form a nice snug fit – right through till around 16Kg, ie potty training age). (Nappy colours: 1x Grey, 1x Red, 1x Green, 1x Light Blue, 1x Aqua)
Your choice of inserts:
5x Microfiber inserts only (adds absorbency to the nappy shell)
5x Microfiber AND 5x Bamboo blend inserts (adds absorbency to the nappy shell)
5x Bamboo & 5 Hemp Inserts ((adds absorbency to the nappy shell)

1x Roll of disposable bamboo nappy liners (to catch solids)
1x Sample tub of bum balm (because you cannot use regular bum creams with cloth nappies)
1x Grey coloured wet bag (used to store dirty nappies when you’re away from home.