Basics Range Ladycloth – Value Pack

R665.00 R600.00

VALUE PACK: Consists of 2 Liners, 3 Regulars, 3 Large, 2 Overnights. This is a perfect quantity to start with, enough for 2 days, washing daily. One can then add specific sizes to your stash according to your personal needs.

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LuLi&Co Basic Ladycloth aka “mamacloth”, “cloth pads”, “menstrual cloth pads”, “reusable sanitary pads” are part of our Basics Range, providing you with a cloth pad that is effective and kind on your pocket, lasting you years if well cared for.  Lovingly handmade with 100% soft cotton fleece, each pad has 3 layers of absorbency, available in 4 sizes according to your needs. These super comfy and trim Ladycloth have a Softshell fleece backing(water resistant for breathability) and are easy to clean.

Available in Grey/Black/Pink & Blue


Our Basics Range is an absorbent and soft range of products aiming to give you a quality product that’s kind on your pocket.

•Butterfly Contours, Butterfly fitteds, Breastpads and Ladycloth.

•100% Soft Cotton Fleece.

•Breastpads and Ladycloth backed with White Softshell backing (water resistant for breathability).