Basics Range Ladycloth – Teen Trial Pack

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TEEN TRIAL PACK: Consists of a funky Wetbag, 1 Liner, 1 Regular, 1 Large, 1 Overnight in the 4 colours: Grey, Pink, Blue & Black. This a perfect starting point, not only being able to test out each size, but also each colour to determine what you prefer. This is an ideal option for girls still expecting their period– just keep 2 pads in your wetbag, tucked into your schoolbag!


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LuLi&Co Basic Ladycloth aka “mamacloth”, “cloth pads”, “menstrual cloth pads”, “reusable sanitary pads” are part of our Basics Range, providing you with a cloth pad that is effective and kind on your pocket, lasting you years if well cared for.  Lovingly handmade with 100% soft cotton fleece, each pad has 3 layers of absorbency, available in 4 sizes according to your needs. These super comfy and trim Ladycloth have a Softshell fleece backing(water resistant for breathability) and are easy to clean.

Available in Grey/Black/Pink & Blue


Our Basics Range is an absorbent and soft range of products aiming to give you a quality product that’s kind on your pocket.

•Butterfly Contours, Butterfly fitteds, Breastpads and Ladycloth.

•100% Soft Cotton Fleece.

•Breastpads and Ladycloth backed with White Softshell backing (water resistant for breathability).