Basics Range – Butterfly Contour – Newborn/Petite Value 5 Pack

R600.00 R570.00

Value 5 Pack: Consists of 5 Newborn/Petite Butterfly Contours, saving you money!

LuLi&Co’s unique Butterfly Contour is made of 2 layers soft absorbent Cotton Fleece with wings that fold inward into the wetzone. It also includes a 2 layer Quad/Trifold that can be folded into thirds or quarters totalling up to 14 layers of absorbency. An ideal nighttime option for Medium wetters worn with one of our Fleece Covers.

Butterfly Contours are available in 2 sizes:

NB/Petite(adjustable to fit from Newborn to about 18 months)

One Size(adjustable to fit from about 3 months to potty learning)

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Our Basics Range is an absorbent and soft range of products aiming to give you a quality product that’s kind on your pocket.

•Butterfly Contours, Butterfly fitteds, Breastpads and Ladycloth.

•100% Soft Cotton Fleece.

•Breastpads and Ladycloth backed with White Softshell backing (water resistant for breathability).