Baby Beehinds Wet Bag – Spring Fling


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These are a must have accessory for any mum (not just cloth nappy mums!) Made from our super soft PUL in a range of prints, these wet bags are water-resistant with zippered closure to keep smells & moisture contained! Handy to put your wet/dirty nappies in when out-and-about, after swim lessons, great for child care, soiled baby clothes, or storing extra baby items in the car.

This size will fit about 6-8 nappies and fits perfectly inside your nappy bag.

  • Great for storing wet/dry nappies, soiled clothes.
  • Just roll your soiled nappies up and place inside the wet bag until your ready to wash!
  • Convenient handle means you can hang over your door handle, nappy bag or pram.
  • Strong, high quality PVC & lead free zip closure.
  • Keeps wetness & smells contained!
  • Simply wash with your nappies!